CSO Job Offer


NBD is seeking an experienced scientist in the area of computational drug discovery to become the CSO with the mission of collaborating in the definition of the scientific strategy of the company in order to produce IP by using the NBD Suite and plan the new necessary software developments.

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Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure an independent and scientifically rigorous review of the company’s projects at initiation and, throughout their course and ongoing improvement. Provide refinement of processes for the scientific evaluation of projects.
  • Develop the Drug Discovery research strategy in collaboration with the different
    Heads and Directors, the Executive team, the Business Development area and
    This strategy will have two main areas: Molecules pipeline and New software.
  • Provide information on the progress of the research and the associated reorganizations of the different lines of the company.
  • Considering commercial objectives, provide expert scientific input into projects.
  • Present the company’s projects to potential investors.
  • Assist with scientific content for new funding opportunities

Job Requirements
Experienced Chief Scientific Officer with a demonstrated successful track record
in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. Skilled in Molecular Biology,
Biochemistry, Rational drug design, Cheminformatics, IP protection. Strong research
experience with a PhD focused in Macromolecular structure and simulation. Skills in
business development in the health sciences sector.
High work capacity and willingness to contribute personally to the generation of content; broad vision and scientific creativity; capacity for scientific communication, oral and written; planning, organization and management skills; analytical, resolute and problem management capacity; capacity to work under pressure; empathy, ability to lead, motivate people and team work.

  • PhD in Health Sciences or Chemistry.
  • Strong background in computational modeling, both at the level of molecular
    modeling and machine learning.
  • Proficiency in English, spoken and written, is a must.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in the management of a Drug Discovery team, in the leadership of drug development until the candidate designation phase,including target selection and identification of indications. Experience in later phases, Phase I-IIa, will be valued.
  • Knowledge of EMEA / FDA scientific guides for early stages of Drug Development
    (Phase I-II).
  • Contribution to the generation of patents in the field of Drug Discovery and to the
    generation of scientific publications.
  • Proven track record of delivery of key milestones from preclinical target validation
    to Phase 1 clinical studies and ability to contribute at a technical level to multiple
    programs simultaneously.
  • Demonstrated experience in strategic planning, development of customised plans and decision analysis.
  • Extensive experience in presenting scientific and commercial information for a range of audiences.
  • Ability to work in startup environment and with government, academia or industry
  • Strong record of scientific accomplishment
  • Established international linkages to scientific experts in a variety of disciplines
  • Availability to live in Barcelona

What we offer

  • Contract duration: permanent.
  • Estimated annual gross salary: Salary is commensurate with qualifications and consistent with our pay scales.
  • Target start date: immediately.

Application Procedure
All applications must include:

  • 1. A motivation letter addressed to Majeed Hosseiney
  • 2. A complete CV including contact details.
  • 3. Contact details for two references.


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