Ali Hosseini

Director of Business Development

Ali is a computational chemist with a diverse background in biochemistry and microbiology. He received his BSc degree in Microbiology at Arak University (Iran). He did the MSc in Biochemistry at Jamia Hamdard university (India) 2007. He completed his Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry (Biomedicine) at University of Barcelona. He has achieved highly experience in the field of computational simulations applied to Biochemistry and drug discovery from PhD at Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Barcelona).

He has 6 publications in international peer-review journals from computational chemistry and QM/MM studies of structure based drug discovery, protein ligand interaction, molecular simulations for drug discovery.

Since the PhD, he has acquired experience in Business Development, Management, Sales and Marketing from his previous jobs in pharmaceutical companies in the department of business development and marketing.

After one year of courses and training in International Trade and Business Development at ANSARIY (Tehran), he joined the Cinna Gen Pharma Co. as trade director. Across the years he gained more experience in negotiation and business development in pharmaceutical companies.
Since March 2021, he is Business Developer in Nostrum Biodiscovery.