Elnaz Aledavood

Project Manager

Elnaz Aledavood is working at Nostrum Biodiscovery as a Project Manager in the Drug Discovery department.

She graduated in Food Science and Technology from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, and then she completed her master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology. In 2021, she received her PhD in Biotechnology from the University of Barcelona under the supervision of Prof. F. Javier Luque and Prof. Carolina Estarellas.

During her PhD studies, she focused her work on the molecular mechanisms in metabolic and infectious diseases, and acquired very strong skills in the use of a broad range of computational techniques including docking, protein-protein interactions, molecular dynamics simulations, and protein structure modelling. She is thoroughly trained in structure-based drug design and involved in several projects.

Elnaz overall research activity has been reflected in 6 scientific articles and 7 poster presentations in Spain, UK, and Austria. She has done her predoctoral stay at the University of Bologna collaborating with Prof. Ivan Rivalta.