Nucleic Acids

Designing your drug through outstanding
molecular modeling tools and know-how

Nucleic Acids as therapeutic targets have been explored since a long time ago, however, the limited knowledge available about their roles combined with the lack of powerful computational tools to simulate them have hampered the development of Nucleic Acid drugs.

NBD can develop molecular models with predictive value in the design and synthesis of a wide-range of systems: canonical; non-canonical structures of nucleic acids such as iDNA, triplex and quadruplex; natural or chemically-modified derivatives, whether the chemical modifications are found in the backbone or the bases. Additionally, NBD has deep expertise on RNA modelling (structure, flexibility, and virtual screening), with potential applications both in the biotechnology and therapeutics fields.

At NBD, we believe that our technology and know-how is at the forefront of this area and we are your perfect partner for accelerating your Drug Discovery programs targeting nucleic acids.

Although nucleic acids (NA) play roles in all diseases, they are still considered as recalcitrant drug targets. However, innovative therapeutic approaches considering new bioactive molecules or drug targets are clearly needed to increase our drug repertoire. Therefore, the development of methods for the identification, validation, and optimization of molecules targeting NA is of paramount importance for the BioPharmaceutical Industry.

Drug Discovery-focused CROs are still not pursuing NA as therapeutic targets, or even drugs. With the new mRNA vaccine developments, we expect this paradigm to change, leading to an increase of clinical candidates and success cases. Anticipating the market needs, NBD is the perfect partner for those CROs providing solutions in this area.

Several University Research groups and Research Centers are nowadays focussing their efforts in the discovery of new NA drugs. The increasing understanding of NA structure/function relationships sparks new innovative approaches, targets and mechanisms of drug action. The drug discovery tools and expertise developed at NBD are adapted to address challenges posed by NA, helping academic institutions with their own Drug Discovery and basic science programs.