Our clients

Our collaboration with Nostrum Biodiscovery has been nothing short of exceptional. Their expertise in molecular dynamics, modeling and drug design has been invaluable to our drug discovery projects. They have consistently worked tirelessly, delivering results promptly and making significant contributions to our success. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking to enhance their drug discovery efforts.

Minghong Hao, PhD

VP, Head of AI/ML & Computational Chemistry

We are very pleased with our collaborations with NBD, by using their technology we have been able to generate novel chemical entities targeting MAGL, and also we have identified novel binding sites at the CB1R for positive allosteric modulators. Also, the collaboration with NBD has been essential for our last publication in British Journal of Pharmacology.

Eduardo Muñoz

Professor of Immunology,
Founder and CSO of Emerald Health Biotechnology

Through a long-term relationship, we are using the in silico technologies of Nostrum Biodiscovery for studying a range of epigenetics targets to help us speed up our drug discovery programs.

Robert Soliva

Head of Drug Discovery of Oryzon Genomics

We have built up a collaboration with NBD on a novel cancer target and we have been able to find active new chemical entities in a very short period of time.

Vanessa Soto Cerrato

UB - Cancer Cell Biology Research Group

NBD has been key in finding patentable New Chemical Entities for one of our early drug discovery projects.

Tim Cash

CEO Senolytic Therapeutics