Javier Iglesias

Director of R&D Projects

Dr. Javier Iglesias-Fernández obtained the BSc in Organic Chemistry and MSc in Bioengineering at the Chemical Institute of Sarrià (IQS) in 2008 and 2010, respectively. He holds a PhD by the University of Barcelona, and has a broad postdoctoral experience in the field of computational chemistry (King’s College London, UK; Max Planck Institute, Germany; University of Girona, Spain), including construction and validation of docking models, homology modeling, molecular dynamics, free energy calculations, QM/MM and combination of simulations and experiments.

Lately, his research was focused on the application of computational techniques, specifically molecular dynamics and enhanced sampling methods, statistics, analytics to biological systems. In particular, he was interested in the development of tools for the computational design of new enzyme variants with improved catalytic properties and new peptide based inhibitors. He has published 26 papers in international peer-review journals, including Nature, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, Nature Communications, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., among others. Currently, he is a Project Manager at Nostrum Biodiscovery.